I call myself a method scholar (borrowed from method acting), in that I spend my time immersed in a specific discipline or lifestyle for a predetermined period of time.

In the past few years, you could have caught me running product for a small health tech startup, living as an itinerary-free vagabond traveling for months on end, day trading multi-leg derivatives, reading countless books on ancient Stoic philosophy, or in an airport en route to a client health system. I've found that this deliberate, multi-disciplinary approach to life facilitates authentic, solution-oriented thinking and a deep sense of understanding-driven empathy.

In my work, I see through the eyes of an idealist but act with the discipline of a pragmatist. Barriers become catalysts that empower me to solve otherwise unarticulated problems.


I like working on projects that have a well-defined purpose and a mission worthy of putting countless hours into achieving them.


My day job is at a health tech startup based in Minneapolis called MyMeds. Our mission is to improve health outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care by improving medication adherence. As Head of Product, I focus my energy at the intersection of our business strategy, technical vision, and user experience.

The Stoic Fellowship

In 2016, I co-founded The Stoic Fellowship, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to build, connect, and foster communities of people interested in an ancient Greek philosophy known as Stoicism. To date, we've helped build communities in over 50 cities spanning every continent. I serve as President and board member.

Fix Broadway

There's a 4-lane undivided street in NE Minneapolis called Broadway where the lanes are too narrow, crashes are common, pedestrians fear for their lives, and cyclists who ride it must have a death wish. I'm working with a task force of about 60 people under the monicker Fix Broadway to create improvements. We've surveyed thousands of residents and commuters, met with city and county officials to discuss concerns, and are now in the process of designing solutions.

Compass Foundry

I founded Compass Foundry with a desire to help non-technical founders bootstrap a profitable tech business with as little resistance as possible. The M.O. for most non-technical founders today is to either hire a dev shop to build an unvetted idea for $100K+ and then realize that their idea was shit and nobody wants it, or they give away half their equity up front to hire a technical co-founder who may or may not share their passion for the idea. I figured there had to be a better way. Compass Foundry offers non-technical founders the ability to apply for a program in which technical and product design experts help build an idea for zero up front costs in exchange for a revenue sharing agreement after achieving profitability. This perfectly aligns incentives, as we don't take a cent until the non-technical founder is making money themselves.

Past Projects


Accel.MN was a totally free program for entrepreneurs to refine their ideas and be prompted into action in a collaborative setting. It was like a "pre-accelerator", or a program that would prepare people for a more traditional accelerator seeking to invest seed funding in exchange for equity in a startup. The mission of Accel.MN was to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Minnesota by improving the collective education, network, and support of early-stage entrepreneurs while promoting a positive startup culture. In addition to participating in the first cohort, I served as a founding board member.

North Labs

I co-founded North Labs in 2016 with Collin Graves and Matt Otterstatter. Our mission was simple: provide non-technical founders with software development resources at a fraction of the cost that agencies and freelancers charge in today's market. To do this, I built relationships with over a dozen fully-vetted offshore firms while offering product management and technical architecture in-house. As with many of the companies we advised, North Labs pivoted in late 2017 to meet more lucrative demands with AWS consulting. With the pivot (and admittedly my lack of AWS knowledge), I decided to sell my ownership in North Labs and pursue new projects.

Eat and Greet

Eat and Greet flipped the traditional restaurant experience on its head. People generally go to restaurants with friends, family, or colleagues. With Eat and Greet, six individuals RSVPed to save a seat at a table ahead of time and left with a full belly and five new friends. These experiences were great for people who were new to a city and wanted to make new connections while trying local restaurants. The idea was in MVP stage as I tested concepts with a Meetup community. If successful, I planned to build it into a full product with the mission of connecting people hungry for food, friendship, and thought-provoking conversation.


MNonFIRE was a community I founded for people who aspire to FIRE, or become financially independent and retire early. The FIRE movement is picking up traction across the nation, and I wanted to create a forum for people to meet in real life and share resources and insights. Core to this ethos is that our time is the most precious finite resource. Thus we do everything we can to create a life for ourselves in which we have the freedom to choose how we spend that time, even if that means attaining a 50%+ or greater savings rate by living significantly below our means.

Stoic Daily

I launched a micro tech project with Zach Foster, my close friend and travel buddy. Stoic Daily is a Chrome extension that changes "new tabs" into beautiful natural settings overlayed by a quote from a Stoic author.


I've found long-term travel to be an efficient promoter of rapid self-improvement. It's helped me identify and correct bad habits, priorize life goals, and more fully empathize with people of backgrounds radically different from my own.

Long-Term Trips

  • Ireland in Summer 2009

  • I studied Irish film at Trinity College in Dublin during a two-month summer term.

  • Central America in 2011 and 2014

  • I backpacked down the Pacific coast of Costa Rica with long-time friend and might-as-well-be brother, Matt Momont. In 2014, I took my parents on a surprise adventure through Panama.

  • Europe in 2014

  • I traveled to over 20 countries in Europe over the course of four months with my closest and most cherished friend from college, Zach Foster.

    Cities Visited: Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Florence, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Prague, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Sarajevo.

  • South America in 2017

  • I worked remotely for five weeks while hiking through Patagonia and the Atacama desert in Argentina and Chile with successful food entrepreneur and workout buddy, Erik Greene.

    Cities Visited: Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, El Calafate, El Chalten, Puerto Natales, Santiago, San Pedro de Atacama, Mendoza.

  • Europe in 2018

  • My girlfriend, Jackie, and I took two months to visit some of the less-traveled parts of Europe and witness the marriage of two close friends in Prague.

    Cities Visited: London, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas, Warsaw, Heraklion, Apostoli, Thessaloniki, Kalambaka/Meteora, Athens, Nafplio, Lisbon.



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